Are all of your events held at Market on Main?

So far, all of our formal events have been held at Market on Main for several reasons. The location and unique layout of the building makes it perfect for what we do. But most importantly, the owner- John Duke- is the most amazing chef we have ever encountered. We feel strongly about delivering a 5 star event and everything about Market on Main makes that possible. However, as we grow we will consider other venues in Hickory and even other cities to host our events.

Are you for hire for personal events and weddings?

Yes, based on availability we are able to do some personal events during the year. We welcome anything from super small events to large and unique events. We welcome all ideas- just email us!

Who is your photographer?

Lawrence Te does our professional photography. His work has been featured in both Bride Magazine and Home Magazine! Check him out on IG: Lawrence_te or at

Are there age requirements for your events?

Yes, adults 18 and over can attend our events. Persons under 21 will be required to wear wrist bands upon entry. Our tickets generally include alcohol in with the price, but a discount will not be given to those underage or for non-drinkers. Instead, that portion of your ticket price will be forwarded to the charity benefiting from the event.

How does the charity aspect of each event work?

The charity or charities that will benefit from each event will be decided well in advance.  Each charity will then help promote the event and Two Suits will take care of the rest. Fifty percent of all the revenue generated at each event will go directly to the cause or causes. We have many charities that are on the list, but if you have a great cause that is in need of a fundraising event please feel free to contact us to see if we can help.

What kind of entertainment do you provide at your events?

We like to support local performers, musicians and artists and always look to differentiate at each event. If you feel like you have a unique talent that you would like to feature at one of our events, please feel free to contact us.

Do you rent out your props and or décor from your events?

Yes. If you see something in our pictures or at our events that you are interested in renting, please feel free to contact us for a quote. We are also able to do custom props or décor for your event.